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"Who Else Wants To Avoid The Common Job Interview Pitfalls And Secure Themselves A New Position Within The Next Three Weeks?"

You're not alone, which is why it is essential that you DO NOT make the same mistakes made by thousands of other job interviewees right across the country.  Here's why you're different...

From the Desk of:
Peter A. O'Sullivan,
Friday, 1303hrs

Do you have a job interview lined up? Do you know what you are expected to bring? Are you ready to handle the nervousness? If not, honestly ask yourself this question...

How do you expect to get a job? It's too easy to not be taken seriously...

Granted, most people do not know what is expected of them when they first start going to job interviews. (Which is a good reason why it may take more than one.) If they do get hired, it's probably because no one prepared the way they were supposed to...

It's like choosing bad over worse!

Your job is your lively hood. If you absolutely NEEDED to find yourself a job, would you be willing to do what it takes to get your name on the top of a job recruiter's list?

If I told you everything that was expected of you - what to bring, what questions are going to be asked, and what questions you should know to ask....

...would you be willing to listen?

If not - good luck in the real world. If you are, then I have something for you. It's called....

Job Interview Secrets Uncovered!

If you are looking for a job, you can find your way to the top of your potential employer's list of prospects with this unfair advantage that I have stowed away for you.

Maybe you're fresh out of college... Maybe you've recently been laid off... Hey, maybe you just need a job!

No matter what the situation, there are hundreds, even thousands in the same boat as you. You need an income. The bills are piling up, there are loans to repay, credit to fix or establish...

...it'd be nice to buy something special you could never afford currently. A brand new car could finally be a reality - or maybe you'd just like to step out of the house without being strapped for cash.

If you want any of this to come true - you need to find a job!

There are so many applicants out there... I spoke of thousands of people being in the same boat as you - but I FORGOT to say that often there could be thousands of applicants applying for the very same JOB OPENING as you!

It can be tough to compete, especially when the economy is such that there is a lot of competition for employment.

With the stakes so high, you just simply cannot afford to not do your best at your job interview. Ask yourself this...

Can you really afford to be less then your best at your next job interview?

If you do not get the job, you're going to be kicking yourself for thinking a half-hearted effort would fly. You would have just wasted a valuable opportunity. And based on your salary...

...it could be a mistake that costs you tens of thousands of dollars per year! Don't let this happen to you.

Listen, my report uncovers the...

Secrets Of Changing Your Next Job
Interview Into A Paying Salary!

"Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered" is a step-by-step manual to landing your own job interview and outright ACING IT!  If you're someone who recognizes that every interview is the most important interview, this report is for you.

I've heard enough, let me have my copy now...

Just LOOK at some of the information you will find inside:

* Learn why it is important to understand a company's application process before contacting them. (Page 4)

* Understand the power of describing your weaknesses as strengths. (Page 26)

* 11 practice questions that interviewers are GOING to ask you. (Pages 27-28)

* Understand the importance of being confident (without being cocky) and other key behaviors that can help you land a job. (Page 14)

* 8 questions that recruiters are NOT allowed to ask. (Pages 31-32)

* 10 practice questions an interviewer may ask you if you've just graduated from college. (Pages 28-29)

* 10 questions YOU may want to ask the interviewer to let them know you're serious about getting this job. (Page 30)

* Learn to avoid making a major mistake when faxing in your resume.
(Pages 6-7)

* Learn which colors are best to wear to your interview - for both men and women. (Page 12)

* Realize that a positive attitude and a smile are a lot more important than you may realize. (Page 15)

* Realize that staring at items on your interviewer's desk is a BAD thing to do, and why this is true. (Page 15)

* Realize that women should DEFINITELY not show too much skin when showing up for an interview. (Page 12)

* Find out how to prepare for the question, "Would you be a good addition to our company?" (Page 9)

* Understand the 4 most common methods of applying for a job - and the proper etiquette for each of them (Pages 5-8)

* Discover that "To whom it may concern" are the absolutely WRONG words to use when writing a cover letter - and how to find the right ones. (Page 5)

* Learn the rules for sending your resume through email - not all companies are the same. (Page 6)

* Discover a sneaky tactic for getting information out of current employees.
(Page 10)

* Discover a simple, but seldom used method of making a first impression.
Hint: It's a question you should ask. (Page 10)

* Find out when it is acceptable to wear more casual clothing to an interview. (Page 12)

* Learn the importance of being organized BEFORE your interview. (Page 13)

* Understand why delivering your resume in person is really a "pre-interview" and learn how to prepare for it. (Page 7)

* Discover the words to use in the subject line of your email to get your resume read. (Page 6)

* Learn the fastest way to research a potential employer - including where to look and what to look for. (Page 10)

* Learn which application method skips the cover letter process. (Page 7)

* Find out what you should ENSURE you have with you when sitting down with your interviewer. (Page 13)

* Realize that the interviewer is not just finding out if you are skilled enough for the job, but something else that may be a crucial factor. (Page 14)

* Learn the question to ask to show confidence in any interview. (Page 25)

* Learn the RIGHT way to behave and the RIGHT things to say as the interview comes to a close. (Page 25)

* Understand how to appropriately follow up with an interview. (Pages 32-33)

* 7 key factors of body language that could destroy your interview - possibly before it even starts. (Page 16)

* Understand why you can never be too polite to the person directing you to the waiting area before your interview. (Page 17)

* 16 things to do to your resume that will make your recruiter furious!
Note: You should NOT do these. (Pages 19-21)

* Learn 9 Do's and Don'ts for impressing your interviewer. (Pages 21-22)

* Learn to write a cover letter that stands out - so your resume will actually get read! (Pages 22-23)

* Learn the exact words to use when being interviewed on the telephone.
(Page 8)

* Learn the best way to use your friends to land job interviews. (Page 5)

* Understand the type of responses you should be giving to your interviewer for maximum benefit. (Page 11)

* Realize your bad speaking habits before your interviewer does... so you can eliminate them before you go in! (Page 12)

* 1 sample cover letter that you can refer back to again and again to make sure yours is top notch. (Page 23)

* Understand how to act if your recruiter asks to interview you during lunch or dinner. (Page 24)

* 10 table manners to remember, just in case you've forgotten! (Pages 24-25)

* 8 tips for making a great first impression. (Page 17-18)

* Learn what NEEDS to be in your resume if you are to be taken seriously.
(Page 18)

* A simple technique for making your resume stand out. (Page 18)

* 15 areas in which your interviewer will be judging you - know them!
(Pages 33-35)

* 3 sets of skills that a potential employer will expect you to have.
(Pages 36-38)

And there's MUCH more - Guaranteed!

Get Your Copy Now!

Who Else Wants To Ace Every
Interview They Sit Down For!

I'm going to ask you something I've already asked you...

...Are you looking to be employed by this time next week?

If so, pages 5-8 of my manual are going to teach you the right way to start landing job interviews. Did you know that many job recruiters often don't even look past the cover letter if it isn't up to standards? Page 23 is your source for what a successful cover letter should look like.

Why take the risk of simply not preparing enough?

A successful person will believe this, every job interview is the most important interview. There's no reason not to ace every single one of them. Why not have several employers competing for your employment?

You can outright take advantage of the fact that most people just don't know what is expected of them when showing up for interviews. But you will.

Especially when...

I'll Give You A List Of Questions That
Your Interviewer Is BOUND To Ask!

With a list of not just potential, but likely questions in front of you - you need just think about your response beforehand to be ahead of the game.

You won't be put on the spot with our help - bottom line.

But that's not all - also included are a list of questions that YOU should ask to make yourself stand out from the pack. Asking the right questions can show you are a well-researched, enthusiastic, and sincere applicant.

That is how you get your resume to the top of the pile. By being prepared.

You may still feel nervous - but you will come across as more confident knowing that you are prepared for whatever this interview is going to throw your way.

If you read "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered" today, you may find yourself the top applicant at your job interview next week. (Remember, if you don't have a job interview lined up, we'll show you how to get one.)

Depending on your salary, slipping up at a job interview could cost you tens of thousands of dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

You don't need to let this happen. I have a thoroughly researched report that is willing to save you that money starting today. For just $67-00 $37.00 you can secure yourself a job that will make you tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands over the next few years.

(Note: This heavily discounted price is only a marketing test, and only available for the next 25 copies purchased!)

You can download "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered" and start preparing in minutes.

£37.00 is a small amount to pay for huge rewards.

If you're asking, "But are the rewards guaranteed?" Well, then this should make your day.

My 'Get A Job' Manual Will Help You
Find Employment Or Your Money Back!

I know that my report can help anyone turn their next job interview into a paying salary. Because of this I'm willing to turn the tables on this deal. I am 100% willing to offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered!"

Click the link below, get your copy in just a few minutes, and start learning. Soak in all the information - and if you don't feel that the manual will help you to land your next job... just write me an email saying so. I'll promptly issue a full refund. And you'll have three months within which to do so. That will give you plenty of time to try out the information.

Not everyone is willing to take the extra step to succeed. Because this is the case not everyone will take advantage of this offer. Can you think of any better reason to get this manual?

You are going to be competing for jobs with the very same people that did not read "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered." You have the perfect opportunity to seize your earned advantage.

When you land your first job after reading this manual, will you say it was worth it?

Let me walk you through YOUR first successful job interview now.

Thanks for reading,

My Very Best Regards

Pete O'Sullivan
Editor, JobInterviews.ForTotalIdiots.com

P.S. "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered" is the guide to get to prove that you're willing to do what it takes to find employment. When every interview is the most important interview, you just simply cannot afford to not be at your best, every time.

P.P.S. You will be able to read your very own copy of my manual in just minutes from now. It's a downloadable report that will run on most ALL computer platforms. For this reason, you do not have to pay ANY shipping and handling costs!

P.P.S. The risk is on me - if you are not happy with "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered," then just write me an email. A prompt refund is guaranteed. I have no reason to fear making such an offer - if this report can really help someone turn their next job interview into a paying salary (and it can) then I do not have to fear giving a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, every interview is the most important interview!

Click here to get "Your Job Interview Secrets Uncovered" Now!

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